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Spring Water Tour

Spring Water Tour

At Le Thor, in the heart of Sorgues Country (region watered by the tributaries of a giant spring) the Thouzon caves discovered in 1902 are nicknamed the Fairy Caves. Visit the underground gallery with a 22M ceiling from which hangs delicate stalactites. The well lighted cave has oddly shaped and beautifully colored concretions.


Discover charming L’Isle sur Sorgue known as the Venice of Provence with its canals, water wheels and narrow streets. On the main square the Collégiale Notre Dames des Anges has ornate 17C interior decorations recalling Italian churches.
The Hôtel Donadei de Campredon—a lovely 18C mansion of classical French style is used for cultural events and temporary exhibitions.
Wander through the numerous antique shops and bargain with the dealers.
Take a foothpath along the cool banks of the Sorgue and find the favorite places of the resident ducks.

Free lunchtime at L’Isle sur Sorgue.

Let’s visit the Fontaine de Vaucluse or «Vallis Clausa»which is provencal for «enclosed valley» and thus contributed to the «departement» (canton)'s name
This is one of the most powerful resurgent springs in the world and the source of the clear emerald Sorgues.This river gushes from the bottom of a spectacular cliff and runs through the rocky valley and village shaded by plane trees. It is calm in the summer but in fall and spring it can be a vivid green fury of tumbling foaming water.
On the footpath that leads to the gushing abyss visit Le Musée-Bibliothèque Pétrarque, Le Musée du Santon, Le Musée du gouffre Souterrain, Le Musée d’Histoire.
Stop at St. Veran church - this romanesque chapel has a rounded vaulting over its nave and contains the sarcophagus of St. Veranus who dispatched Coulobre, a monster which terrorised the region in the 6C.

Finish our tour at the Velleron farmers’ market - an explosion of freshness, colours and perfumes of provence.


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